Travel Tips for Singapore

Travel Tips for Singapore

It’s quite difficult for me to write about Singapore since it’s my favorite spot on the planet. It gave me such a large number of positive impressions and memories, that I don’t know what to describe first. What is most important: prepare for time travel.  Singapore is hi-tech, space-age, secure city-state in the tropics. You will be only 142 km of the equator.

Singapore is multilingual. All instructions are in 4 languages: English, Tamil, Malaysian, Chinese. Westerners are fine with English. 🙂


Don’t miss:

Marina Bay Sands
Gardens by the Bay
ArtScience Museum
Little India
China Town
Sri Mariamman Temple

Tip for all twenty-something people and all of those tourists who don’t know how to behave 🙂
Please do behave properly. No alcohol in public, no wild parties, no chewing gum, no graffiti. Big no to soft drugs. If you would be caught while damaging public property, you would have to pay large fines (for example eating or drinking in a metro costs you several hundred dollars), but you may end up in prison getting corporal punishment. Yes, it’s permitted in Singapore. And I must say that it’s quite effective, whereas Singapore is safe and clean. It is necessary to be aware of the fact that Singapore retains also death penalty by hanging.

SMRT – metro in Singapore

Public transport is super easy and flawless in Singapore. We didn’t notice any metro station without a safety wall above the yard on the platform edge. You could eat off the carriage floor if it would be allowed :). Buses and metro go on time and they are cheap. You can buy a tourist ticket valid for a few days at stalls in subway stations run by friendly staff. Bus tickets are purchased from the driver, because of the front-door boarding. Prices differ, it is determined by a length of your travel, but as far as I remember it is around 1-2 dollars.

Marina Bay Sands – hotel with Infiniti pool

The mixed-use resort Marina Bay Sands was built only recently, in 2010, but it is nowadays in the spotlight of all visitors. Its unique design has been created by Boston-based architect Moshe Safdie. It’s stated that the inspiration came from gambling cards – the local casino is 15,000 square meters (161,500 square feet) large – or from a ship. Who knows…

This high-density complex brings together hotel, convention center, shopping and dining, theaters, museum, and a casino. It’s possible to take a lift to the 55 floor and enjoy a view over the Infiniti pool. It is free of charge.

The ArtScience Museum is located behind this original building. We had great chance to see an exhibition about the project CERN. I have never seen a more technologically advanced exhibition in my life. It was an absolute sci-fi experience without using VR glasses. Don’t miss the visit to this aesthetically overwhelming building.

Gardens by the Bay

The complex of three gardens was open to the public in 2012. The most popular is the one called Bay South Garden, where you will find the breathtaking Supertree Grove. Architects designed the spot in the tree shape. These vertical gardens looking like a sci-fi movie scenery are 25 to 55m high. You can stroll along the aerial walkway connecting two Supertrees. It’s 128m long located at a height of 22 meters.
You may also visit the Flower House – the biggest flower glasshouse in the world with a unique statics and also the Cloud Forest.
Note: Despite the stylish architecture the interior sometimes resembles the pseudo-art.

Little India
is a small ethnic district, a vivid historic area populated by Indian immigrants who were forced to reside there under the British policy of ethnic segregation a long time ago. The time has luckily changed but the district still retains its original Hindu atmosphere. Here you will find terrific vegetarian restaurants. One of them, in which we had a tasty lunch, is called Kovalam Vilas Restaurant and was established in the year 1947.
We have visited also small Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple where you can experience Hindu ceremonies.

China Town
The population Singapore is more than 70% Chinese, but still, there is a special area in the center of the city, which bears the name China town. It is a great place to eat in one of the stalls or in the restaurant with unmistakable Chinese atmosphere.

Sentosa Island
An island of entertainment, shopping, and beach fun is a perfect example of well-organized rest zone, which you find only in Singapore. Swim in the sea, sunbathe on a perfect tropical beach, however, be prepared to look at oil tankers on the horizon.