Enhance your yoga teacher mastery with Věra Vojtěchová

Enhance your yoga teacher mastery with Věra Vojtěchová

Tip for a good quality yoga teacher workshop

As an active yoga teacher, you might feel the same as I do. Always looking for new opportunities to learn from more experienced senior instructors.
Sometimes the value you get is highly questionable, other time priceless.

So this is kind of a review and recommendation for all of you searching for yoga for seniors know-how. Yoga for seniors is actually the name of the teacher program led by Věra Vojtěchová in Dům jógy in Prague. It lasts just one day, starts in the morning and last around 8 hours. What you get is lectures, exercises and a book on the topic.
The price is 2000 CZK.

And now in more detail. Věra has enormous experience in the yoga for seniors field. She leads lessons for active elderly people, for patients in hospital beds and even for seniors with Alzheimer disease. Since 20 % of the Czech population is over 65, we all agreed that there is a growing need for special senior yoga lessons in the republic. Věra stressed the importance for yoga teachers to have at least basic knowledge of how our bodies function. So in case, a student mentions his or her health issue, a teacher can clarify how certain exercise relates to the affected organ.

We learned ground rules regarding senior lessons, how to adapt asanas, how to leverage yoga nidra technics and use aids and tools.

What about the book?

Later at home I started to read the book we got, titled Jóga pro seniory by Věra Vojtěchová and Ivana Ballingová. It’s not actually meant for teachers, but rather for students. Despite the fact, to be honest, I’m impressed by the simplicity and the scale of knowledge the book provides. It’s easily readable and truly comprehensible guide on the topic.

To conclude, if you’re looking for senior yoga expertise,  this course in Prague might be a good choice.