Yoga retreat with Peter Misik in November 2017

Yoga retreat with Peter Misik in November 2017

In the middle of November in 2017 more than 40 people have met in the Lesanka hotel by Ružín (Kosice region in Slovakia) to spend a healthy and active weekend, guided by Peter Mišík, a well-known yoga teacher. The planned activities included yoga asanas, meditation, lectures, and wellness or hiking in nature (the Sivec mountain is close-by) in a free time.

The first activity / the Friday practice started at 2 pm and focused on gradual whole body self-massage as a way to prepare ourselves for a later exercise. Peter Misik commented the practice and explained connections between particular points on our body with organs or vertebras. This procedure can remove some of the health problems, or diagnose malfunctions in the body.

Účastníci jógového víkendu v Lesanke v roku 2017
 Yoga retreat with Peter Mišík in Lesanka in November 2017

Aqua Yoga

The next practice took place in a pool, where we did warmups, asanas, mantras and a few fun exercises. Sometimes the water gives resistance or vice versa makes movement easier. A physical effort was in this case overly rewarded by a smile. In an excellent local wellness center, we could try three types of saunas with a cooling pool and an outdoor hot tub.


Evening meditation was dedicated to traditional Tibetan meditation technique, the purpose of which is the heat production using energy management inside the body. The technique has ten steps, each of which requires absolute attention and a long time to finish. Therefore our exercise was just a rehearsal for Tummo meditation, I’d say and its effects were quite gentle.
 Pohlad z penzionu Lesanka
 A view from Lesanka

Saturday program began with 6:30 am meditation, followed by morning warm-ups, vamana dhauti (purification of the upper digestive tract) performed only by Peter 🙂 outside the hotel. After the breakfast, we practiced mostly asanas with long holds. The afternoon activities copied the Friday schedule, but instead of the Tummo meditation, there was a travel lecture about Atos island, recently visited by Peter Mišík.
The weekend ended up with morning asana exercises. Finally, here is a short video of the retreat Yoga
retreat with Peter Mišík.