Whether you’re a yoga newbie or regular yoga practitioner, Yogalactic.org is here for all of you who want to feel good about themselves. Is your goal to be lean and toned? Do you expect to improve your mood through practice of yoga or gain greater self-trust? I’m Oli from Yogalactic.org and I will help you get you there.

Oli & Yoga

Full name 🙂 Olga Deptova Bartkova. I tried yoga for the first time when I was 18. Then much later, I attended yoga courses run by Association for the Advancement of Yoga in Košice (Slovakia). In 2018, I successfully finished the 200-hour yoga teachers training provided by Yoga Federation of Europe in Prague.  I currently study second yoga teachers’ program titled Yoga therapy led by Jan Knaisl and Ivana Knaislova in Prague.
My first yoga lessons have begun in a company, where I work as the digital marketing manager in June 2018. Big thanks to my colleagues!


Travel means freedom and adventure to me.
 In 2018 I’m planning to visit Mallorca, Cambodia and Thailand.


Born and raised in Kosice (Slovakia, EU), my ID says I’m from Bratislava, living in Prague since 2016.


I’m mostly vegan due to my ethics.

Certificate yoga teachers program - Oli Deptova Bartkova